Begs, Allow I 2 Ranting Bout Grammar

Translation: Please, allow me to rant about grammar.

hmmmm-i-disagrees-with-your-theories (143x200) Not a rant as such, but a hopeful advisory notice for those who do not know how to speak (or write) the beautiful English language.

My reasons for disliking the misuse of the language are many:

Firstly, English is a language. Language is a form of communication. If you are not speaking the language correctly, then the intended receiver of your message is instead receiving utter nonsense and a headache.

Unless, in the case of special discourses (lolcat, txtspk) the receiver is also fluent in this language. Then you may “Can I has” all you like, all day long.

The problem comes when someone is attempting to communicate a complicated message to someone outside of the discourse of their language. For example:

I can has life? I r livin? I r thinkin, therfor I is! It simpel!

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Death of the Author (And May He Stay That Way)

Picture 007 (200x150) I am currently going through my previous blog posts, so as to assign some tags to them. Prior to this, most of them were listed under the phenomenally useful “Uncategorized” category, or the deceivingly non-descriptive “General Posts” category.

General Posts. How can a post be a General Post? This thought amused me for a moment or two before I moved on to the next, far more interesting one.

If a post is about nothing, then it cannot be a post, can it?

General Posts, for me, was originally just a category to click at the last minute after having written a post and strongly disliking the concept of having a plethora of “Uncategorized” posts.

(The quotation marks are there because I am using the American spelling. I do not wish to confuse those who see the word “colour” in the same page as “Uncategorized.”)

In a few posts, I found some sentences which I would have liked to have written better. Some were linguistically iffy, some were grammatically stupid.

After a small amount of thought (that is, after all, the amount I am capable of without tangenting… er, where was I? Oh yes.) I decided that I would not, in fact, change them to the newer, grammatically superior wordings.

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