Does everything have to be so black and white that someone can legitimately say “You’re either with us or you’re against us” and mean it? Racist_sheep

You’re either an egalitarian or a racist; an activist or sexist; an animal-killer or a member of PETA; religious or atheist. Far too often there is little understanding of the halfway.

I’m concerned about this because of my current religious dilemma. It would seem that I have supposedly pledged allegiance to two sides of a battlefront.

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People are not consistent

People are not consistent. Characters in stories are consistent, but only because if a character was as inconsistent as a real person, the audience would Bob Kelso took a number of seasons to become complicatedcomplain that the character was not well developed.

The annoyance to come from this is that a lot of our influence, our social information on how we should act, comes from media. And by media I don’t just mean movies and TV, I mean books, music, comics, YouTube and every way in which a story can be told.

Because of this, we develop a persona. We ‘create’ our own character,  and then we strive to portray this character in our day-to-day lives.

I have recently had the challenge (and the pleasure) of getting to know new people, and the question that has risen numerous times is “Is this person getting to know the real me?”

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