Begs, Allow I 2 Ranting Bout Grammar

Translation: Please, allow me to rant about grammar.

hmmmm-i-disagrees-with-your-theories (143x200) Not a rant as such, but a hopeful advisory notice for those who do not know how to speak (or write) the beautiful English language.

My reasons for disliking the misuse of the language are many:

Firstly, English is a language. Language is a form of communication. If you are not speaking the language correctly, then the intended receiver of your message is instead receiving utter nonsense and a headache.

Unless, in the case of special discourses (lolcat, txtspk) the receiver is also fluent in this language. Then you may “Can I has” all you like, all day long.

The problem comes when someone is attempting to communicate a complicated message to someone outside of the discourse of their language. For example:

I can has life? I r livin? I r thinkin, therfor I is! It simpel!

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